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SuperFabric® Performance:


If you’re in search of a material that’s longer lasting, has higher durability and is designed for everything from extreme applications to rugged daily usage than SuperFabric® is your answer. Thanks to the integration of advanced technology and innovative thinking fabric now has highly increased potential and possibilities yet to be discovered. SuperFabric® gets used in some of the most demanding applications such as motorcycle, mountaineering, and rugged packs.


Abrasion Resistance

The guard plates of SuperFabric® are ready to fend off rock, ice, brush, debris, scuffs, and scrapes. The guard plates don't just look pretty, they perform day in and day out. SuperFabric® materials won't snag like knit fabrics which is especially important in helping protect against additional injury do to material catching or pulling.


Stain Resistance

Our SuperFabric® materials have multiple, amazing advantages that separate us from others in our industry, one of them being that our fabric construction is highly resistant to stains. The guard plates are very difficult to stain and small gaps between them (that allow our material to be flexible and breathable) are also hard to penetrate.



Many fabrics tout their ability to be waterproof but fail to mention breathability. In order to have footwear, jackets, pants, etc. to be comfortable in a range of conditions, you need the material to be both water resistant and breathable.


Quick Drying

SuperFabric® drying is the result of a multifaceted structure that quickly dries, while keeping the elements on the outside. When liquid comes in contact with SuperFabric® the molecules bead up on the surface, instead of being absorbed into the materials.


Slash/Cut Resistance

SuperFabric® brand materials provide a challenging barrier against a variety of razor-like threats. Precisely placed, small and durable guard plates protect underlying fabric from being torn or sliced. Unlike some cottons, knits, nylons, etc., SuperFabric® brand materials resist fraying.


Rodent Resistance

SuperFabric® can be used as covers or wraps to protect wiring, gauges, or other sensitive equipment. The rodent protection of SuperFabric® has also been great for backpacks and any other products that may peak a rodents interest. In general, animals do not like the texture/feel...and ultimately, the taste of SuperFabric® materials.


Environmentally Friendly

SuperFabric® materials are very environmentally friendly. They represent the highlest level of 'friendliness' since they make products highly durable and long lasting.



SuperFabric® comes in a lot of different configuration, designs and patterns. In general, SuperFabric® materials with higher levels of performance (abrasion, cut, etc.) will tend to be heavier. Below is a rough classification of SuperFabric® weights. While fabric weights will vary slightly from lot to lot, this will help with general guidelines.

Lighter SuperFabric® materials (typically less than 11oz/sq. yard)
600256-905 600188-905 600256-900 600188-900
700196-905 700196-900 700180-905 700180-900
600260-905 600260-900 700538-800 600815-905
600815-900 700149-700    
Medium weight SuperFabric® materials (11-15oz/sq. yard)
700538-700 702010-089 700149-800 702027-930
702001-910 700554-700 702020-910 702025-905
702030-935 600200-900 700105-900 600200-905
701020-905 701020-900 700106-905  
Heavier weight SuperFabric® materials (> 15oz/sq. yard)
601050-905 601070-925 600107-905 700665-910
600147-780 700665-930 700810-935 600107-900
700665-953 700665-920 700812-620 700192-638
700300-722 700305-722 601050-620 700698-722
700695-722 700665-780 600100-960 600603-960
700665-720 700690-720 700665-620 600100-962