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SuperFabric® Literature

SuperFabric® literature is a starting point to help you understand which SuperFabric® materials may best suit your needs and other application ideas. We recommend speaking to a SuperFabric® specialist who can further assist in matching your application with SuperFabric® materials, or even provide a custom solution.

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SuperFabric®-AM99™ is an exciting new product offering that incorporates antimicrobial functionality


Image SuperFabric applications

SuperFabric® Applications

Example applications featuring SuperFabric® including footwear, outdoor apparel, motorcycle, seating, and more.


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SuperFabric® Information

Information about SuperFabric® materials including standard, special order, and customization


Image SuperFabric motorcycle

SuperFabric® Motorcycle

Information about SuperFabric® for motorcycle applications.


Image SuperFabric information

SuperFabric® Information -Trifold

Small trifold style brochure with information about SuperFabric® and applications of SuperFabric®


Image SuperFabric multicolor

SuperFabric® Multicolor

SuperFabric Multicolor allows designers unparalleled creativity while still providing legendary SuperFabric protection.


Image SuperFabric branding

SuperFabric® Branding

Proper branding of SuperFabric® is a key element in building brand awareness for both clients and SuperFabric®