SuperFabric® Inventor Speaks At UofM

What Is SuperFabric®?


Extremely Durable

SuperFabric® materials have proven themselves in demanding applications and environments.

Quick Drying

SuperFabric® drying is the result of a multi-component Speed Dry system that quickly dries.

Abrasion Resistant

SuperFabric® armor plates provide a flexible barrier from abrasion, scuffs, and scrapes.

Slash Resistant

SuperFabric® material provides a formidable barrier against a variety of razor-like threats.

Stain Resistant

SuperFabric® materials are highly resistant to, and the armor plates are, very difficult to stain.

Rodent Resistant

SuperFabric® can be used as a cover or wrap to protect wiring, gauges, and more.

Completely Breathable

If it is not comfortable, it doesn’t get worn. Breathability is a big part of that comfort.

Environment Friendly

SuperFabric® offers the highest level of environmental protection.

SuperFabric® Advanced Materials

If you’re in search of a material that’s longer lasting, has higher durability and is designed for everything from extreme applications to rugged daily usage than SuperFabric® is your answer. Thanks to the integration of advanced technology and innovative thinking fabric now has highly increased potential and possibilities yet to be discovered. SuperFabric® combines quality cotton, polyester, nylon or spandex with precisely positioned guard platelets and epoxy resin coating – resulting in a highly abrasion, slash, fire, water and stain resistant material that is also lightweight, breathable and highly customizable. SuperFabric® has been NASA lab tested and is being used in ski jackets, pants, motorcycle apparel, arm guards, bus seats, industrial covers, work boots, the FERRARI (599 GTB), upholstery and so much more! We are truly reinventing the expectations of fabric. Our SuperFabric® team creates specialty fabrics by modifying the surface properties to fit the needs of each of our clients’. Our results have been documented, tested and worn by many award winning brands and athletes. We are not simply a fabric company, we are a material science company that is dedicated to turning ordinary fabric into high end, high value and high performance specialty fabrics.

Award Winning Material

SuperFabric® is already being utilized in industrial, commercial, recreational and military applications around the globe because it offers performance and versatility that no other material in today’s market can. From Mountain Peaks to the Olympics the possibilities and performance options are limitless when equipping your products, brands and customers with SuperFabric® material. The highly innovative and precisely engineered SuperFabric® material protects better, lasts longer and looks good doing it.

Armored Material

SuperFabric® has been used in a wide range of applications, found in anything from the scrub pad on your kitchen sponge to the high wear areas on military apparel. This fabric offers protection against anything it’s up against, whether it’s facing day old food or an elite military personal’s unrelenting environment. Our specialty fabric product is extremely diverse because of the highly complex engineering that takes place prior to each SuperFabric® pattern creation. SuperFabric® materials are entirely customizable in every aspect, from the protection level desired to the pattern or logo, color, shape, texture and they can even be reflective. Or you can choose from our readily available selection. SuperFabric® material can be imbedded and layered into the core of your desired product or placed on the outward, visible portion. Either placement will give you superior protection, lasting durability and a higher quality product. Increase strength, durability and protection in any application you desire, choose from our available patterns online or contact us through our website or at (651)730-6203 and together we can configure a perfect SuperFabric® design.

SuperFabric® at IFAI 2016

SuperFabric® will be at IFAI booth # A249
Oct 19th – 21st at the Charlotte Convention Center
Stop by for a visit and see the latest SuperFabric® materials

New footwear made with SuperFabric® Materials

LALO creates highly functional, lightweight footwear designed for military, athletes, and those who train to the extreme.  LALO footwear features SuperFabric® materials to provide rugged abrasion resistance, slash resistance, in addition to other performance features.


VANS created the ultimate in skateboard shoes with their new Darkside line featuring full coverage of SuperFabric® materials.  SuperFabric® helps protect against the extreme abrasion from asphalt and concrete.



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