SuperFabric® Cleaning

SuperFabric® materials are very stain resistant which also makes them easier to clean when a spill occurs. While it is always best and easiest to clean immediately after a spill has occured, sometimes things just happen. Below are examples of how the guard plate technology of SuperFabric® plays a key role in easy cleanup. Let’s walk through the steps. You will need a soft-medium bristle brush, mild liquid soap and water. This method will work on most stains.

For spills that have allowed to set, we recommend cleaning using a soft-medium bristle brush (do not use a metal or very stiff brush)


Gently scrub with the brush, mild soap and water to start working on the stain


Continue scrubbing until spill is hydrated and dissolves


Wipe up with a clean, dry cloth or paper towel and you’re DONE!

Let's take a look at some examples that have gone through the easy cleaning process.


Here is another SuperFabric® material being stained.