SuperFabric® all started because of a simple question: “Can a glove be created that will stop a medical needle or surgical knife?” Four months after Dr. Young-Hwa Kim was posed with this seemingly impossible notion, he had conceived how to create such a glove, and SuperFabric® was begun in 1996. With this industry-first product, Higher Dimension Materials, Inc. (HDM, Inc.) was founded. Since then, SuperFabric® materials have been adapted for uses in industrial, safety, sporting, clothing, and military applications, just to name a few. Performance is enhanced through the configuration of tiny plates which provide resistance to a variety of harsh elements.

One of the first applications of SuperFabric, the Fish Handler fishing glove

One of the first SuperFabric brand materials.

Dr. Young-Hwa Kim, inventor of SuperFabric® brand materials, holding Tekne Invention Award (2001)

Today, SuperFabric® brand materials are used in hundreds of applications throughout the world. Ongoing innovations in performance, colors, design, and applications, continue to expand the integration of SuperFabric® into product solutions we can all be proud of.