The History of SuperFabric®

SuperFabric® materials are known as high performance fabrics that are used in many industries including footwear, seating, industrial safety, outdoor, military, and automotive among others.  To look at the past gives us a glimpse into the future. 

SuperFabric® all started because of a simple question: “Can a glove be created that will stop a medical needle or surgical knife?” Four months after Dr. Young-Hwa Kim was posed with this seemingly impossible notion, he had conceived how to create such a glove, and SuperFabric® was begun in 1996.

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SuperFabric® SuperFabric® has a rich, deep history of innovation, invention, and design in the performance fabric world. Here are just a few such moments that help anchor SuperFabric® as a leader in the industry.
Dr. Young-Hwa Kim Creates SuperFabric® technology while contemplating needle stick protection for a medical glove. The 'locally hard, globally flexible' concept emerges to create tiny, hard, armor-like plates onto a flexible fabric, paving the way for SuperFabric® materials.
Lindy Little Lindy Joe becomes the first commercial use of SuperFabric® materials. Lindy used a triple layer SuperFabric® material to provide high coverage, puncture resistance from hooks, knives, dorsal fins, razor sharp teeth and gill plates. Lindy continues to utilize SuperFabric® in their Fish Handler product
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HexArmor Our PPE exclusive partner, launches with high cut and abrasion resistant lines of gloves, aprons, and armguards using SuperFabric®.
Army Combat Shirt Massif develops the combat shirt for the military using SuperFabric® in the elbows for high abrasion resistance, durability, and flame resistance. The ACS is spec'd in by the army and becomes standard issue.
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Olympic Shoe Adidas develops a one of a kind shoe with SuperFabric® for track star Jeremy Wairner. Jeremy runs to an olympic silver metal in the 400 meter event.
Singapore Singapore manufacturing and sales branch opens, helping to reinforce distribution and supply chain in Europe and Asia.
Ferrari Ferrari incorporates SuperFabric® into select models such as the 599, California T, and the 812. SuperFabric® is used in key, high wear areas such as seats and floormats.
Korea South Korea branch opens, launching the ALTAI™ brand of footwear featuring SuperFabric® materials.
ALTAI™ FOOTWEAR ALTAI™ brand is born using SuperFabric® throughout to create a highly durable line of footwear.
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Slytech Skier Ted Ligety develops ultra performance racing gloves utilizing SuperFabric®. He wins gold medals at the 2014 Olympics wearing the Fortress gloves.
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NOBULL The company, founded by former Reebok employees, is created to serve the crossfit market. NOBULL shoes feature SuperFabric® materials to provide a high abrasion, cut resistant upper.
SuperFabric® Am99™ A new line of antimicrobial SuperFabric® materials is released. In addition to its ability to kill viruses, and other microbes, it is highly durable, stain resistant, as well as abrasion resistant.
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SuperFabric® AmFr™ A new line of antimicrobial SuperFabric® materials is released. It is both antimicrobial and fire resistant in addition to being durable, stain resistant and abrasion resistant.
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