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SuperFabric® for Luggage, Bags, and Packs

SuperFabric® provides a very rugged, durable material that can be used for all kinds of carrying bags, duffels, luggage, containers, and more.

♦ HIGH ABRASION RESISTANCE: Helps protect product and contents

♦ RUGGED: Stands up to the day-to-day grind

♦ SLASH/SCUFF RESISTANT: Keeps product looking like new

♦ STAIN RESISTANT: Highly resistant to a variety of stains

♦ FORMABLE: Shapes nicely for a clean, streamlined appearance


Most people are concerned about the contents stored INSIDE the container and only think about THE container when things go wrong...contents spilled, leaks, or worse. SuperFabric® provides a durable, tough material designed to 'keep the keeper' ready for the next adventure.

Which SuperFabric® is best?

This depends on a number of factors for your particular application and areas of emphasis. It is important to match the particular SuperFabric® material to your application. We recommend CONTACTING your SuperFabric® sales rep.

A FEW Examples of SuperFabric® materials for Luggage, Bags, and Packs

Kolon uses SuperFabric® in their new line of luggage bags.  It provides stylish looks to go with high end performance.

With the help of SuperFabric®, Amabilis produces some of the toughest outdoor bags and carriers.

SuperFabric® provides abrasion and rub protection for a line of Oveja biking bags.

GizzMoVest form-fits SuperFabric® over many of their hard, durable cases.

SuperFabric® brand materials are a great match for tough, durable bags, packs, and more. Contact us TODAY, we would love to find the best solution for you.

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