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SuperFabric® provides high levels of performance and brings much more including the ability to customize, colorize, and design.            

♦ HIGH ABRASION RESISTANCE: High levels of wear/rub resistance ensure incredible durability 

♦ RUGGED: Stands up to the day-to-day grind of constant wear and contact

♦ SLASH/SCUFF RESISTANT: Keeps product looking like new

♦ STAIN RESISTANT: Highly resistant to a variety of stains, spills, etc.

♦ CUSTOMIZABLE: For unique colors, performance attributes, or patterns  


Additional performance requirements such flame resistance and UV resistance are typical in the automotive industry and we would be happy to cover those details. 

Which SuperFabric® is best?

This depends on a number of factors for your particular application and areas of emphasis. It is important to match the particular SuperFabric® material to your application. We recommend CONTACTING your SuperFabric® sales rep.

A FEW Examples of SuperFabric® materials for Automotive

FERRARI uses SuperFabric® materials in some of their select sports cars such as the 599GT and the California T.  Below is a capture from a custom designed Ferrari 812 Superfast in which the legendary design team used custom SuperFabric® in the bolster areas and other interior components.

McLaren chose to use SuperFabric® as an option in the trunk of their new GT.  It provides a high tech, alluring advantage for those wanting the premium benefits of SuperFabric® materials.   

SuperFabric® brand materials are a great match for tough, durable bags, packs, and more. Contact us TODAY, we would love to find the best solution for you.

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