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Am99™ Properties

This line of SuperFabric® materials has antimicrobial properties and additional functionality not found in traditional antimicrobial fabrics.         

♦ ANTIMICROBIAL: Its antimicrobial properties continue to work throughout the life of the fabric and do not wash away like traditional fabrics.         

♦ ODOR RESISTANT: keeps fabric smelling fresh.   

♦ ABRASION RESISTANT:  Like other SuperFabric® materials, it is highly resistant to abrasions and scuffs.    

♦ SLASH RESISTANT: Maintains integrity of product created with Am99™

♦ STAIN RESISTANT: Highly resistant to a variety of stains 

Market Applications

As an antimicrobial fabric, Am99™ products have  many potential applications including hospital and clinic seating, privacy curtains, stretchers/gurneys, lifts, pads and matress cover to name just a few. 

Am99™ fabrics are more environmentally and ecologically friendy than traditional antimicrobial fabrics. Easy to clean, more durable, and stain resistant, the choice is clear. 

Which Am99™?

We get asked that question a lot.  However, every application is a bit unique and therefore we highly recommend CONTACTING one of our experienced sales reps. They will listen to your needs and offer up a some great materials as well as being able to provide swatches of the material for your consideration.

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