Frequently Asked Questions

We hope this serves as a starting point to get some of your questions regarding SuperFabric® material answered.  We encourage you to CONTACT our sales and support staff for additional inquiries or clarification. 

Q: What do all SuperFabric® materials have in common?

A: All SuperFabric® materials are built around the same premise of an array of small, hard guard plates adhered to a fabric, creating a locally hard, but globally flexible material.

Q: Are all SuperFabric® materials available in sheet and roll format?

A: Each specific SuperFabric® item number comes in one format (sheet or roll) depending on the item number. Item numbers beginning with 7 are sheet format (~30x20 inches). Item numbers beginning with 6 are in roll format and can be ordered per linear yard.

Q: Can color of SuperFabric® be matched to a specific Pantone color?

A: A specific color match would on a custom order basis. We work closely with the customer to get a good match to the referenced color. Not all colors are possible.

Q: How does SuperFabric® compare to fabric X (abrasion resistance, cut resistance, etc.).

A: SuperFabric® is tested with many industry standards as well as testing against other materials, but we don't test against every fabric due to practicality. We encourage you to talk with our sales and support team for specific performance questions.

Q: Can it be sewn with ordinary thread/needle?

A: SuperFabric® materials are tough and therefore we don't recommend ordinary thread and needles when sewing. Typically an industrial grade needle and thread work great. Contact us for specific recommendations for your application.

Q: Can a seem allowance be created so that sewing is easier?

A: Yes, a seem allowance creates a border with no guard plates, just base fabric, making sewing easier/cleaner. This would be a custom order.

Q: Can I order a previous or a discontinued SuperFabric® material?

A: In many cases, the answer is yes, but may be regarded as a custom order.

Q: Can SuperFabric® be used in any application?

A: While the portfolio of SuperFabric® materials covers many applications, all SuperFabric® materials won't work with every application, so it is important to talk with our staff about your application.

Q: Can SuperFabric® be used in extreme environments (color/hot, etc.)?

A: SuperFabric® can handle a range of extreme conditions and temperatures. However, check with our staff regarding your particular application.

Q: Are there branding requirements for using SuperFabric® materials?

A: Yes, SuperFabric® materials are premium performance fabrics and must adhere to certain branding guidelines. Please contact our staff for further details.

Q: Can I get a sample of SuperFabric® material for my project idea?

A: SuperFabric® is sold business-to-business and not direct to consumer, so we are unable to accommodate individual requests.