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SuperFabric® for Specialty applications

There are just some applications which go outside the box. These are specialized, unique applications that still need tough, durable materials to perform their best. SuperFabric® is a perfect match with its unique design, performance, colors, and customizability  

♦ HIGH ABRASION RESISTANCE OPTIONS: Some of these applications require a high durability material with no compromises    

♦ AIR BREATHING: Great for applications in hot or humid environments

♦ SLASH/SCUFF RESISTANT: Helps protect garment integrity and helps prevent injury

♦ DESIGN: Custom shapes or patterns can be developed



Specialty applications often push the limits of performance on ordinary materials.  SuperFabric® materials bring a wide range of performance solutions in areas such as abrasion and slash resistance, stain resistance, and more.               

Which SuperFabric® is best?

This depends on a number of factors for your particular application and areas of emphasis. It is important to match the particular SuperFabric® material to your application. We recommend contacting your SuperFabric® sales rep.

A FEW Examples of SuperFabric® materials in Specialty applications

Dive Rite uses SuperFabric® materials to cover buoyancy compensators and provide both abrasion resistance and slash resistance from sharp rock and coral during dives. SuperFabric® materials are used to cover the air bladder of the compensator.  A slash in the bladder can lead to serious safety concerns for the diver.  

Grundéns uses SuperFabric® for commercial fishing.  The lightweight, highly protective SuperFabric® helps protect against sharp fins and shells, as well as gear such as rope and line.       

Med Engineering uses SuperFabric® for protection in bomb suits.  SuperFabric® is used in conjunction with other materials to help protect bomb technicians and provides a durable, first line of defense.         

SuperFabric® brand materials offer an array of attractive features such as high abrasion resistance, durability, stain resistance, and breathability . SuperFabric® a natural choice for premium protection. Contact us TODAY, we would love to find the best solution for you.

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