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SuperFabric® for Outdoor

No matter your, cold, rainy,  snowy....or just plain perfect, SuperFabric® materials offer a range of options for your next glove, jacket, wader, pant, gaiter, etc.             

♦ HIGH ABRASION RESISTANCE OPTIONS: Great against rock, ice, brush, and gear    

♦ WATER REPELLENT: A key feature of any top quality material

♦ AIR BREATHING: Especially important during hot summer days, materials that breathe keep you comfortable

♦ SLASH/SCUFF RESISTANT: Helps protect garment integrity

♦ STAIN RESISTANT: Highly resistant to a variety of stains



Outdoor applications can be extremely demanding and oftentimes exact a heavy toll on apparel, even expensive ones.  SuperFabric® materials have been used in downhill skiing, landing fish with razor sharp gill plates, ice climbing boots, and packs used in avalanche rescues.  SuperFabric® materials are tough, durable materials that can handle a range of temperatures and conditions.                

Which SuperFabric® is best?

This depends on a number of factors for your particular application and areas of emphasis. It is important to match the particular SuperFabric® material to your application. We recommend CONTACTING your SuperFabric® sales rep.

A FEW Examples of SuperFabric® materials in Outdoor applications

Sweet Protection uses SuperFabric® in the cuffs of ski pants to protect against damaging abrasion

TREW also uses SuperFabric® for their snowboarding pants and bibs.

KLYMIT uses SuperFabric® to protect their sleeping pads. SuperFabric® creates much higher levels of abrasion and cut resistance which helps prevent holes and failures of their inflated Armor V.

SuperFabric® brand materials offer an array of attractive features such as high abrasion resistance, durability, stain resistance, and breathability . SuperFabric® a natural choice for premium protection. Contact us TODAY, we would love to find the best solution for you.

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