The Perfect Fusion of Material Science and Style

Technology of SuperFabric®

SuperFabric® centers around a technology that creates a foundation on which an almost unlimited variety of SuperFabric® materials is created. Fabrics that are performance oriented with an vast array of design and aesthetic options. Customers love the off-the-shelf availability for most needs, coupled with design options such as colors and patterns for more creative needs.

Patterns of SuperFabric®

SuperFabric® comes in a variety of patterns. By changing the pattern (gap and shape) certain performance criterea can be enhanced such as cut resistance in addition to a unique look and design.

The versatility of SuperFabric® materials is evident once you see the immense number of possibilities for each part of the process...from the type of base fabric, guard plate pattern and color, to spacing.


SuperFabric®-Multicolor starts with our white/white SuperFabric® material. Then a digital image (photo, artwork, logo, etc.) is color sublimated onto the SuperFabric®. This creates a rich, multicolored SuperFabric® material that retains all the intrinsic performance while creating a wealth of design options.


Am99™ (and AmFr™) is a classification of particular SuperFabric® materials that have been enhanced with an antimicrobial agent that kills viruses, bacteria, fungi, mold, mildew, and algae on its surface. It can be washed without degradation.

SuperFabric® Plus Am99™

Some customers need our fabric or guard plates to match a particular color in order to best integrate to their product. Our color experts will work with you to develop a custom, color-match, SuperFabric® material.

Color Matching