Types of SuperFabric® materials

SuperFabric® is not just a single material, rather a diverse collection of materials built around the technology of SuperFabric. Small, hard guard plates in many patterns, sizes, color, and configurations embedded onto a fabric is the essence of SuperFabric® materials. With that comes inherent functionality, properties, and performance. Additional functionality can be incorporated such as reflectivity. Below, we classify SuperFabric® materials into these categories:


SuperFabric® standard fabrics are ones that have larger inventory volumes, and good pricing. Our standard products allow designers to quickly determine the best fit for their application. Call your SuperFabric® sales rep for the latest in pricing and information.


Am99™ and AmFr™ are two classes of SuperFabric® materials that retards and kills viruses, bacteria, fungi, and mold on the SuperFabric® itself. This has exciting market applications in many industries.


The AmFr™ line of SuperFabric® are fire/flame resistant materials and pass the industry standard vertical flame test. Contact your SuperFabric® Sales rep to find out more about our fire/flame resistant fabrics.


Our Special fabrics add additional designs, patterns and color combinations not present in our Standard lineup. These Specialty SuperFabric® materials have been in production but are typically not stocked items.


Custom SuperFabric® materials are ones that not been previously developed. If you need  a unique color, pattern, or performance attribute that is not addressed by the other SuperFabric® materials, consider talking to our sales reps about a custom SuperFabric®.


Many applications require fabric that has a bit of stretch, whether it be for apparel, bags, seating, or forming over hard objects such as cases. This new offering still provides nice performance in a highly flexible fabric.


Multi-colored SuperFabric® ushers in a new area of continuous color. The coloring is a result of a deep infusion (sublimation) of color to the plates which results in strong, lasting color suited for many applications. More information can be found in our literature.


A line of SuperFabric® brand materials which adds an inner padding to the fabric, resulting in a highly function material. Can be used for many applications including seating, bags and apparel. Contact our Sales Reps for more info and availability.


A SuperFabric® brand material that reflects light which makes it great for lots of applications needing more safety.    


These SuperFabric® materials are very lightweight while still bringing a level of performance that often surpasses other performance fabrics. These SuperFabric® materials offer soft hand feel and high levels of flexibility in addition to their lightweight properties.