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SuperFabric® Am99™


Abrasion Resistant

Stain Resistant

Environmentally Friendly


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SuperFabric® AmFr™


Fire/Flame Resistant

Abrasion Resistant

Stain Resistant

Environmentally Friendly


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SuperFabric® materials are an expansive collection of performance fabrics that encompass a host of applications and uses. No other material on the market offers such value, performance, and versatility...simultaneously. At the core of SuperFabric® materials are performance attributes such as ABRASION RESISTANCE, STAIN RESISTANCE, SLASH RESISTANCE, AIR BREATHING and MORE.  Each SuperFabric® material will offer different levels of these attributes to provide a large array of performance solutions.   Additional features such as high grip, reflectivity, specific colors, extra performance, etc. are addressed through our custom avenues. Contact our sales team to find the best fit for your application.



SuperFabric® | Spac Partnership

"We are honored to announce the birth of a new partnership. As of April 1 2024, Spac S.p.A. Vegam Division has proudly become the official European Union distributor of Higher Dimension Materials, Inc.'s SuperFabric®" - Spac S.p.A.

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We welcome these new products from companies that continue to design, develop, and create products with SuperFabric® brand materials.

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uni professional shoes

fox racing gear


NEW! SuperFabric® Plus

SuperFabric® Plus line adds additional properties to standard SuperFabric®. These are exceptional new properties that our customers have been asking for and can be used in many applications and market segments.     Let's take a closer look at this new line:


SuperFabric® Am99™ fabrics are antimicrobial.    They have many advantages over traditional antimicrobial fabrics:

▶ They use NO silver or copper nanoparticles
▶ They use LESS silver
▶ The antimicrobial agent does NOT wash away
▶ They deliver the antimicrobial agent in a MORE effective way
▶ They RETAIN other SuperFabric® properties such as stain and abrasion resistance 


AmFr™ fabrics are antimicrobial AND fire resistant . These fabrics pass the stringent Vertical Flame Test (ASTM D6413-12) and have the same Antimicrobial functionality as Am99™ . This opens up potential new markets such as commercial travel (airlines, trains, buses, taxi cabs, trucks) as well as military applications that need FR materials but also need day-to-day antimicrobial functionality.

Performance of SuperFabric®


Select SuperFabric® materials have antimicrobial properties.


Select SuperFabric® materials have Flame/Flame resistant properties.

Highly Durable

SuperFabric materials are amongst the longest lastings fabrics in the world.

Abrasion Resistant

Resistant to scuffs, scratches and abrasions in tough applications.

Slash Resistant

Tough, hard guardplates of SuperFabric® help prevent cuts/slashes.

Stain Resistant

Highly resistant to staining, making it perfect for a number of applications.


SuperFabric® allows air to pass in and out, making it a highly breathable material.

Quick Drying

SuperFabric's configurations and material attributes enable it to dry fast.

Applications of SuperFabric®

Our customers are continuing to find innovative, compelling, and demanding uses of SuperFabric® brand materials. From footwear, seating, bags, handwear, to military applications, SuperFabric® is providing solutions.

Application Footwear

SuperFabric® provides high performance making it an ideal choice for all kinds of footwear applications.

Application Outdoor

From ski gloves, ski pants, to rain jackets, and biking shorts, SuperFabric® is ready.

Application Seating

With high levels of abrasion and wear resistant, SuperFabric® can be used in lots of seating applications.

Application Bags/Packs

From duffel bags to luggage to carrying cases, SuperFabric® gets used.

Application Military

From elbows to knees, SuperFabric® is ready to protect.

Application Industrial

Tough, durable SuperFabric® is well suited for industrial safety.

Application Motorcycle

Providing abrasion resistant materials in a range of designs.

Application Specialty

Meeting unique applications with superb materials from SuperFabric®

Application Antimicrobial

Hospital chairs, bed pads, to privacy curtains can benefit with SuperFabric®-AmTex™